Alexandra Gelis is a Colombian-Venezuelan-Canadian media artist, curator and researcher. Her practice is research-based, process-oriented and multi-disciplinary, including film, photography, drawing, and new media installation with custom-built interactive electronics and sound.

She is known for single-screen film works and modular immersive non-fiction-based installations. Her projects incorporate personal field research as a tool to investigate the ecologies of various landscapes by examining the traces left by various socio-political interventions.

Gelis has worked collaboratively with communities around the globe, especially under the name of conSECUENCIAS, a collective that takes different forms and members according to the context and territory needs. She has large research on the relationship between plants/people and power in the context of colonization and globalization. From her plant-based research-creation, she explores documents and spaces to unveil the relationships or correlations between plants and people in communities and between plants and their multi-species interrelationships.

The idea of plants as political allies, actors, and plants’ particular relationships with place-making is central to her concept of “Migrated Plants.”  Her innovative installations exhibited widely are featured in a recent book, Alexandra Gelis: Seed, edited by Mike Hoolboom and Clint Enns.

She has exhibited internationally in North and South America, including the Walker Art Center, Europe and Africa.

Alexandra Gelis Seeds Book

"Alexandra Gelis Seeds" Book