Maria’s House / La Casa de María

Maria's House - La Casa de María


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Alexandra Gelis

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Video Screening

Maria’s House / La Casa de María

Maria’s house is an experimental documentary using animation made with still photography showing the house of the teacher and politician Maria Uter in Panama City. Frame by frame, to go trough Maria’s house feels like going trough the pages of a book about the history of Panama. Talking with eloquence as she is teaching you, Maria let us know about her life imprinted in all her wall pictures, dolls,  posters and stories and, at the same time she talks about the history of the city.

Time: 12′
Format: video

– Encuentro de tres miradas en Panamá / Encounter of three views

Casa Gongora: casa de la Cultura del Artista Panameño. Panama City-Panama 2009

– Mompox International Film Festival.

Mompox, Colombia, 2009.