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Alexandra Gelis

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Video Installation

Adobe / Bajareke

Bahareque is an interactive video and sound installation that uses analogue, digital technology and programming to recreate my encounter with Matilde while she was singing the Leko (1) to her house. I use two video projectors, an old analogue radio and an old record player to activate six videos that can be “tune up” and played by the viewer, using its dials.

Bahareque is a video and sound installation produced as the result of my work with the community of San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia. Escaped slaves founded the San Basilio, in the XVII Century; it has survived until the present day and developed into a unique cultural space.

(1) Leko: During Lumbalú, the keening, ululating sound of women’s screams fill the night, mixing with the yelps of bullfrogs. This wailing, known as Leko, is an essential part of Lumbalú. Some people say that Leko is the Palenquero way of crying. They don´t try to cover up their pain, they really let it out and vocalize it.


Bahareque / Adobe
by Alexandra Gelis
with the participation of Matilde Hernández

Hector Centeno – programming
Cristina Lombana – research support
Dorina Hernández – conceptual and historical advice
W5Collective – production support

San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia